Our Top Tech for Staying Sane with a Newborn

1. Hue:

Philips Hue is a system of “Smart” lightbulbs and lighting fixtures that can be controlled via a mixture of smartphone app, wall mountable remotes, motion/light sensors, and programmed routines. The programming and dimming ability of these lights is what landed them on this list.

It is commonly recommended to use lighting to help with your newborn’s Day/Night confusion, this is done by maximizing lighting during the day and minimizing lighting during the night, including changing and feeding. While going around the house at night in the dark sounds like a great way to prepare for a future of stepping on lego in the middle of a dark living room, we thought we would try a different way. 

My wife and I programmed our hue lights in the bedroom, living room, and nursery to slowly dim up to full brightness in the morning, simulating sunrise, as well as dim down to a level just enough to see for feedings and changing at night. all of this is easily done with the Hue app and is a simple matter of setting times and brightness.  Additionally, the system can grow just as your child does, adding motion sensors to turn on lights when you enter a room or even to turn on your bedroom light if your toddler starts roaming the house in the night.  


2. Amazon Same Day/ Prime Now:

While only sort-of tech, If available in your area, Amazon’s Prime Now and Same day delivery services can be a life saver.  We have used this for everything from food and drinks to diapers, co-sleepers and breast pump parts. 

Not only do you not have to leave the house, but many of the items available would not be at the local store anyway. Lets face it,  its impossible to prepare for everything isn’t it? and that’s what lands this service on the list. 


3. Smart Locks: 

Not absolutely necessary, however we found an electronic lock on the house to be extremely helpful. With relatives watching the house and pets during our hospital stay, and friends dropping off food and flowers, we were able to not only let in guests remotely, but know who came into our home while we were away. The piece of mind during a such stressful, albeit wonderful, time was well worth it. 


4. Smart Home: 

While maybe not something we would have run out and put in before delivery, having this already in place can be extremely helpful. The Smarthome systems on the market from companies such as Smarthings, IRIS, Wink, and others, offer varying levels of automation and connectivity with lighting, locks, sensors and thermostats.  Not only was this helpful to control the house while we were away at the hospital, it continues to be more and more useful as we go. We have routines setup so that when we go to bed, the appropriate lights are turned off, the doors are all checked and the thermostats are set for our night time temperatures. overall just a few less things to worry about, so we can concentrate on our more important things. 


5. VPN: 

With the time that will be spent in the hospital and at doctors offices, hopping on the hospital’s free wifi to pay the cable bill or check a few things here and there will not only be tempting, but could very well be necessary. The problem arises with the unsecured nature of the free wifi, anyone in range is free to log on and could possibly intercept some of your private date. With a VPN service from a company like Private Internet Access, or Tunnel Bear, All you need is a simple app or browser plug-in to keep your data private over any public WIFI.  A nice addition to make sure your safe but free to jump on the closest internet when needed. 


6. Headphones (That you can hear through): 

With a new born, quiet will be highly sought after. Not just to avoid waking the baby, but a significant other, catching up on a little rest when they get the chance or just to avoid disturbing anyone around you with that new heavy metal rendition of bohemian rhapsody. The issue with standard headphones is that many are just as good at keeping sound out as in, and with your senses on high alert to tend to your newborn this can be nerve-racking. 

As such, we recommend a good set of Bone conduction headphones from a company like Aftershokz,  These are a headphone that rather than go in the ear, sits just in front of it and uses the bones in the ear to conduct the sound. This leaves the ear open to hear the sounds around you, so you are aware of your surrounds while not disturbing them. Not only are these great for public places or checking on your newborn, but are also a favorite of runners and walkers, allowing them to hear around them while still listening to that latest song or audiobook. 




The author of this article has not received any compensation or free/ discounted product by any of the manufacturers mentioned. The use of the brands mentioned is based solely on personal experience or based on the popularity of a company in its given category. Please research and find the products that fits with your usage and purchasing ability.